Websites For Kids

The ultimate list of the very best websites for young children!

PBS Kids PBS Kids-Games, music, and printables featuring your favorite PBS show characters.

Poisson Rouge Poisson Rouge (Red Fish)-Even very young children can use the mouse to explore and play games in English and French.

Up to Ten Up to Ten (Including Boowa and Kwala)-Over 900 free games, songs, and activities for kids in English and French.

Sesame Street Sesame Street-Visit with your friends from Sesame Street and play along.

Nick Jr Nick Jr-Check out different activities and games with the characters of Nick Jr.

Noggin Noggin-Games and activities for young learners featuring characters from Noggin.

Webkinz Webkinz-Interactive online world you access with codes from cuddly stuffed animals. Purchase required to play.

Headsprout Headsprout-Learn to read with an online phonics program that adjusts as you play. Subscription required.

Starfall StarFall-Learn about letters and practice reading with interactive movies, stories, and games.

Playhouse Disney Playhouse Disney-Play along with some of your favorite Disney characters.

Tiny Planets Tiny Planets-Explore the world of Bing and Bong through games and stories.

Kindersite Kindersite-Great page with thousands of games, songs, and stories for young children.

Primary Games Primary Games-Early math, science, and language games for kids.

Peep Peep and the Big Wide World-Play games with Peep, Chirp, and Quack. Early math and science skills.

StoryOnline StoryOnline-Members of the Screen Actor's Guild read children's books online.

Tumblebooks Tumblebooks-Picture books are read aloud as you follow along. Puzzles, games, and quizzes follow.

Storyplace Preschool Storyplace Preschool-Online picture books for preschoolers.

Funschool FunSchool-Free arcade-type games for kids. Separate preschool area.

Cartoon Network Cartoon Network-Lots of games from Cartoon Network plus online episodes of favorite shows.

Neopets Neopets-Create your own pet and play games to earn points for buying items, armor, and food. Befriend or battle other Neopets.

Brain Pop Brainpop
Brainpop Jr-Both of these websites have some free content, including educational movies and games.

Lego Games Lego Games-Play challenging lego games.

The Toymaker The Toymaker-Free printable patterns for creating paper toys and boxes.

DLTK DLTK-Printable children's crafts, coloring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes, and some favorite cartoon characters.

Kidzone Kidzone-Activities and printables for preschool and up. Searchable by grade and topic.

First School First-School-Free preschool lesson plans, educational early childhood activities, and printable crafts.

I Know That I Know That- Activities and games divided by grade level and topic.

CBeebies CBeebies-BBC's website for children's TV characters. Games, activities, and more.

Stardoll Stardoll-Free on-line paperdolls that look like your favorite stars. Ever wished you could dress Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie?

Rudiments of Wisdom Rudiments of Wisdom-Cartoons explaining all manner of topics in interesting and silly ways.

Kiddie Records Kiddie Records-Listen to streaming audio or download recordings from the past. Over 100 free children's stories and songs.

Enchanted Learning Enchanted Learning-Printable books, activities, and crafts for kids. Many different themes.

Fun Brain Fun Brain-Arcade games for learning basic academic skills.

Game Goo Game Goo-Learning games including letters and language arts skills.

Children's Library Children's Library -Read fully illustrated children's stories online. Simple search by age, length of story, type of characters, language, and more.

Language Guide Language Guide-Hundreds of pictures of objects with mouse-over, spoken vocabulary words in 11 different languages.

ABC Teach ABC Teach-Printable learning materials including many customizable forms.

Highlights Highlights Magazine -Online click-and-play hidden pictures.

Pokemon Official Pokemon Website-Includes songs, a few games, and a searchable pokedex.

Club Penguin Club Penguin-Create a character and explore this interactive world.

Ant War Ant War-Build an ever increasing colony of ants by managing resources.

Lite Brite Lite Brite-Create pictures using online "Lite Brite" pegs.

Kids Know It Kids Know It-Games, activities, and songs for young learners focusing on academic subjects.

Math Cats Math Cats-Have fun exploring interactive math games.

Internet 4 Classrooms Internet 4 Classrooms-Games for learning divided by concepts covered and grade level.

Mensa For Kids Mensa For Kids-Play interactive games like hangman, crosswords, jumbles, and more.

Classics For Kids Classics For Kids-Learn about composers and music through samples, games, and more.

Professor Garfield Professor Garfield-Play and learn with Garfield the Cat through music, art, and games.

Count Us In Count Us In-Games for learning basic number sense.

Knowledge Bears Knowledge Bears-Explore different areas with the K Bears.

NRich Maths NRich Maths-Interactive math activities and games to explore online.

Virtual Manipulatives Virtual Manipulatives-Play and learn with online manipulatives like pentominoes, geoboards, base 10 blocks, clocks, and more.

MakeBeliefs Comix MakeBeliefs Comix-Create your own comic strips- It's easy and fun!

Kewl Cartoons Kewl Cartoons-Watch cartoons and play games from Dic's Kewlopolis. Includes Inspector Gadget, Dino Squad, Strawberry Shortcake, Horseland, and more.

National Geographic Kids National Geographic Kids-Videos, games, activities, and stories from National Geographic Kids.

Flash Card Math Flash Card Math-Mr. Martini's Classroom helps kids master many different levels of math with online flashcards and tables.

Newton's Apple Newton's Apple-Streaming science videos and ideas for fun things to try at home.

Light Up Your Brain Light Up Your Brain- Games-Fun games and puzzles to explore.

Math For Kids Math For Kids-Arcade type games that let you practice your math skills while having fun.

Hoops and Yoyo Hoops and Yoyo-Hallmark animated shorts starring the adorable Hoops and Yoyo.

Fantastic Contraption Fantastic Contraption-Solve contraption puzzles online.

Sheppard Software Sheppard Software-Online games about animals, geography, math, and more.

Ghost Blasters Ghost Blasters-Try to shoot the unfriendly ghosts. You will know which ones are unfriendly by the number they wear.

Electrocity Electrocity-Create and run your own city while learning about energy management.

Roblox Roblox-Create your own interactive world using lego-like pieces.

Scratch Scratch-Create your own computer animations, stories, and games with snap together blocks.

Sea Pals Sea Pals-Create an underwater aquarium online. Purchase required to play.

Book Flix Book Flix-Watch and read pairs of fiction/non-fiction books online! Free for members of the Cuyahoga County Library. You must login.

Scholastic Scholastic-Play along with favorites like the Magic School Bus, Clifford, Miss Spider, and more.

Orisinal Orisinal-Explore and play with fun, unique arcade games.

Naional Gallery of Art National Gallery of Art- Art Zone-Create your own art using interactive online tools. This is the main page. Following are links to some individual activities (They may take some time to load):

Paint Box
Collage Machine
Dutch House Interactive Dollhouse
Pixel Face
Swatch Box